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it is winter where i am from, so let’s talk about pie
January 17, 2008, 5:34 pm
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An ongoing project of mine is pumpkin pie. Nevermind the crust; my boyfriend is the pastry maker at present, though that is obviously going to have to change. My obsession, however, has been with the perfect filling.

For a while I used a standard recipe from Martha. I replaced the evaporated milk and cream with soy creamer, used egg replacer for the eggs, and upped the cornstarch slightly. Then I found a sweet old couple at the farmer’s market who sold heirloom and organic cheese pumpkins for a pittance. I started roasting and pureeing the pumpkin myself, and it seemed like a shame to drown that flavor in soy creamer. So I messed around, Test Kitchen-style.

The current iteration goes like this. It tastes good. It is a lot better for you than you suspect when you eat it. But it still drowns that delicate and wonderful roasted pumpkin flavor in one hell of a lot of tofu. I need to fool with it some more. Updates to follow, I promise.


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