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the big reveal
January 28, 2008, 4:02 pm
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I told my father that I want to be a pastry chef. A vegan one. For context, this is the man who asked me at Thanksgiving if I could eat bread. About ten years into my veganism.

But his response was great.

“First off, I was told, frequently, that I’d never starve if I worked in theareas of food, clothing or shelter, as in “there’ll always be a demand.” This is probably still true, and I think your idea could prove to be rewarding, both in terms of how you could earn a living, and what it could lead to, also with respect to said living. You know far better than I whether the preparation of vegan pastries would be, in itself, limiting, but I am confident that you’d be a superior vegan pastry chef, given your capacity to do what it takes to succeed. Again, with no idea of numbers of vegan cake eaters (other than a hazy awareness of what’s available in NYC), I trust your instincts in this matter and look forward to hearing more!”

What a sweetheart.

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Greetings + salutations!

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely blog! I am in the midst of changing careers and was curious how a vegan pastry chef lives. I’m glad to see that there are some out there! :) I’d love to send you a personal note but noticed you don’t have an email address. I just had some questions about the industry, etc. (I swear I’m legit and not soliciting!) Please feel free to check out my blog… If not, best wishes and thanks again for sharing your adventures! I look forward to reading more… Take care + best wishes. ~Ima

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