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on birthdays and other embarrassments.
January 31, 2008, 4:41 pm
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I hate my birthday. I know it is cheesy and sort of melodramatic to feel this way (“oh look at me, I hate to be looked at!”) but I always have. They’ve improved since I switched from a partner who forgot them to one who agonizes over everything he does for me, but I still hate the premise of being looked at and talked to by everyone who happens to know. But while I hate my own birthday, I do love celebrating when other people have them.
birthday.jpg    And it’s not just birthdays, really, it is whatever gets you excited. The wonderful thing about making cakes is that people nearly always buy them for happy things. I have brought tears to the eyes of old ladies with their grandchildren’s christening cakes, I’ve made a sister literally shout out with joy at the sight of her younger sibling’s graduation cake (it was a little much), and I’ve made ridiculously debaucherous 21st birthday cakes which I’m certain got big laughs. These are all events I’d have hated had I been central to them, but which were great when all I did was sculpt the cake and step aside.


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