vegan baker

making practical use of my college education, part one.


I am on a quest for the Fig Newton. Not the cookie, but a Newton-themed dessert made with figs. Later, I want to move on to a vegan Leibniz cookie (the best of all possible cookies), maybe some Huygens (a little cake boat, perhaps), and on from there. But for now, the primary goal is a Fig Newton.

Unfortunately, in my thinking about illustrating the inverse square law of universal gravitation, I ended up with something that looks like Newton, but is really more of a Fig Archimedes. It’s that whole problem with living in earthly gravity rather than in perfect absolute space. So I’m thinking I may attack this problem from a more calculus-focused direction. I know it might step on the Leibniz cookie’s toes, but priorities are priorities.


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Gravity is not a force. Gravity is electromagnetic.

Comment by OilIsMastery

Initially, when I approved this comment, I thought you were arguing against my interpretation of Newton. Now I see that you are actually arguing against Newton.

You, Sir or Madam, are an idiot. That is not The Point.

Comment by emily

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