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why it is important to stay friends with people from college
March 6, 2008, 9:42 pm
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It is important to stay friends with people from college so that you have a floor on which to sleep when you decide that it is completely necessary to your happiness to attend a cake decorating school 25 minutes out of a major city which is not yours. This way, you can “hang out” and also advance your “career.”

What am I talking about? Wilton Master Class and my friend Aaron. Aaron and I knew we would be friends forever when I first mended his flaming boxer briefs way back in late adolescence. Now I’m going to get all signed up for some (not vegan at all) cake mastery and drink some (totally vegan Chicago Diner) milkshakes with Aaron. It’ll be good.

As for the Wilton stuff, I am willing to spend a week working with nonvegan stuff for the sake of years of vegan versions that look great. I’m hoping to donate what I make in class to Food Not Bombs or someone else local who’ll know what to do. I am pretty excited, in a RPG sort of way, about being a “master” of a craft.


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