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May 12, 2008, 4:41 pm
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Sometimes I am a bit conflicted about whether or not I should tell my fellow dessert eaters that the cake I’ve baked is vegan. It gets less and less awesome as the years pass to still be forced to spend the entire length of a vegan meal/course talking about the very fact that it is vegan. The best way to eat a meal is to eat it together, so that it is clear that the food is vegan, but without a lot of discussion of that fact. I oppose shouting “VEGAN! HA!” at people you’ve bothered to feed.

If you spare your guests the vegan label as they’re digging in and then spring it on them later, they’re forced to admit that something they enjoyed was animal product-free, which is often quite a revelation. But, in addition to denying you your piece of cake, this method puts your omni friends on the defensive and makes you a shill. No one likes a shill*.

If you can let the taste of your food speak for itself, you can stop every single vegan meal from freaking out your guests. They acclimate, give you less crap, and hopefully take you a little more seriously**. You also make yourself look tolerant, fulfilled by your own decisions, and, of course, well-fed. You don’t want to be classed with door-to-door religious salesmen, those people who talk constantly about their crash diets, and workout freaks. To avoid this, just eat well and give your questioners more respect than they give you, by not insisting on talking about what they do and don’t eat. When else in life is “being a good example” defined as eating a lot of rich, sweet cakes and cookies?

So I tell the truth that the cake is vegan. I try to do it early, long before forks hit plates, so there’s a chance that an ongoing conversation will distract from the lack of eggs. Even when I know I’m feeding someone difficult, who openly laughs at what is important to me, I am still honest. But I have to admit that the whole “VEGAN! HA!” thing gets damn tempting once in a while.

*Yes, this is a Simpsons quote.
**No promises on this one.


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Wait, was the buttercream frosting vegan? Cause it really would be deceptive to feed someone buttercream without telling them that it was vegan. (I just looked it up and buttercream has butter and eggs, apparently no cream).

Comment by Anno

If the name of the food product itself is deceptive (no cream), I really don’t think I am uniquely responsible for warning guests. They wouldn’t get pissed at a nonvegan baker for serving buttercream without advertising its creamlessness, right?

Comment by xturnpikex

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