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test kitchen: bread pudding part one
May 16, 2008, 1:51 am
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I am sorry, but it is impossible to photograph bread pudding without producing an image this unappealing. It’s just slimy, gooey, gummy stuff. That’s what makes it good.


I’ve made vegan bread pudding once before. It’s simple enough. You take a pile of cubed, dry bread and you pour a mixture of soymilk, sugar and Christmas-y spices over it. You let everything sit for half an hour until the milk is soaked up and then you bake the mess for about an hour. Poof. Bread pudding.

I want to improve the end result, good as it is. A loose bread pudding is generally baked in a bath (the pan goes in a larger container of simmering water inside the oven to help the eggs set properly), and I want some of that custard quality to shine through. I’ve baked a couple of puddings tonight, one with soymilk and agar flakes and one with soy creamer and a shot of good bourbon. The rest is unchanged.

Results? I liked the consistency of the agar-gelled fluid, but the flakes became little nuggets. When the pudding cooled I had something disconcertingly Jello jiggler-y. As such, agar’s out, though if you want to try it I suggest powder over flakes and a period of boiling pre-bake. The second pudding was something of a revelation. Creamer definitely beat out soymilk for mouthfeel and eggy texture (fat will do that), and the bourbon gave the vanilla flavor a pleasant complexity. This will be my working recipe from now on. I’ll keep testing and update as I go.


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