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an update on the newtonian fig (boring time)
May 23, 2008, 8:35 pm
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This is exceedingly obvious (to nerds), but I know how I want to do both the Fig Newton and the Liebniz cookies: differences in notation!

The simplified history lesson here is that Newton and Liebniz developed calculus simultaneously, in opposite directions (one dealt with the infinity that is constant growth, one dealt with the infinity which is increasing tininess.) They each developed a system of notation for their new science. Liebniz pretty much ended up winning, since we use d’s and lowercase Greek deltas to talk about calculus these days. But Newton has his own notation, the cornerstones of which are “dot x” and “dot y”, x’s and y’s with little round hats. I am going to make a delicious fig-filled Italian cookie dot x style, and I am going to do it with nerdy pizzazz!


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You guys say “dot x”? They still use that notation in physics, but physicists very definitely call it “x dot”.

Comment by Anno

We also pronounce 3.14blahblahblah as “pe” because that’s what the ancient Greeks maybe did. We are big old jerks. Forgive me.

Comment by emily

unswervingly says : I absolutely agree with this !

Comment by unswervingly

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