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i’m a big old hypocrite!
May 28, 2008, 2:48 pm
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I know I ranted against Slow Food only a few months ago, but I am terribly excited about Slow Food Nation. This is the first big meeting of the Slow Food organization in the US.  I attended the first big meeting of Slow Food in the world, in Turin, Italy, in 2004. I didn’t go out of my way to be there, but rather accidentally was exposed to an amazing culture of food-obsession.

Yes, I think Slow Food has a lot of goals that are opposite to ours, and it bothers me to hear about bringing back an heirloom chicken in the face of all those overbred, beakless wonders whose lives are only pain, and Slow Food people are generally big jerks about veganism. Yes, yes. There are tons of reasons why I shouldn’t be excited about this.

But they have a youth convention intended to start a dialogue about the future of food culture in the US, and I think there should be a vegan there. A vegan who loves good food, old techniques, and new science. (Me!) If this is about starting a discussion, we weirdos should be at the table, and we should be searching the Ark of Taste booths for delicious heirloom foods which even we can eat. While there is clearly a natural tension between their old-worldiness and our new-fangled morals, I still want to be there to glean whatever I can and act like a good example of what I am… vegan and food-loving.


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