vegan baker

May 24, 2008, 3:23 am
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This one goes on the list of my all-time worst icing jobs, but I have to put it on the internet because I spent all kinds of time thinking about making it. My stepmother gave me a glass cake stand with a grape cluster motif stamped into it, and I made a cake tribute to its cartoony pattern.


I spent all my cooking time today making surprisingly labor-intensive Myanmarese tofu, so when it was time to actually assemble cake, frosting, leaves, stems and millions of grapes, I was well down the road from Meticulous, near the turn-off for Throwing-It-All-Away-Right-Now. I had intended to transfer the cake to the stand itself, but when I made my attempt, the cake threatened suicide at the end of the spatula. So be it. You can see the stand in the bottom bit of the photo. The cake is white with grape jelly filling (of course), and the frosting is thoroughly mediocre. Which isn’t stopping me from eating it right now.

a reminder that it is spring
May 22, 2008, 7:11 pm
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My body thinks winter’s on the way. I left for South America in late November, and I could feel my shoulders curving into the stooped posture of wintry wind even as I was landing in 80 degree Lima. I left South America in late April, just as my short jacket and long underwear started to fail in the post-autumn freeze. I’ve deferred two winters now, and my body disbelieves even the sunniest day. I spent today reading a Murakami book in which the rain lashes down incessantly and I had to read it under flannel sheets. Even wrapped up to my chin, I still was cold. Finally I got up and got dressed. To my great shock, when I looked outside it was spring.


I made some cupcakes to annoint with sugar flowers. My gum paste is improving, but I have to point out how fake my flowers look next to the real thing. I’ve got a ways to go.